Apple Pie

This is the world’s best apple pie. It calls for fresh lemon juice and jack daniels. Remember to use Granny Smith apples.



6 Granny Smith Apples

1 Cup Sugar

1 Table Spoon Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed)

2 Table Spoons Flour

1/8 teaspoon Salt

1/2 Teaspoon Cinamon

1 Table Spoon Jack Daniels

1 Table Spoon Butter


1 – Start by washing and peeling the Granny Smith apples.

2 – Core the apples.

3 – Cut the edge off because it usually has some skin left. Also, the edge is not symmetrical. Just get rid of them so the apple pieces are the same or similar size.

4 – Mix in the ingredients minus butter.

5 – Place apples on to pie crust.  Add butter to the top right before adding the top crust.

6 – Bake 375 first 20 minutes then cover the edges if they are burning and reduce heat to 350.
(total cook time 1 Hour)


Granny Smith apples are recommended. Remember to include all the juices. Pour the juices on top right before adding the slab of butter.