Chicken Kiev Recipe

chicken kiev

Chicken Kiev is popular in the Ukraine and other Eastern Block Countries. This was a Russian take on French Cuisine. This is a very popular dish with lovers of stuffed chicken dishes.


Units Scale

1 pound Chicken
1 cup Bread Crumbs
1 cup White Wine
1 Stick Butter
2 Eggs
1/4 cup Milk
8 ounces Mozzarella Cheese
Dash Onion Powder
Dash Garlic Powder
Dash Salt
Dash Black Pepper
Dash Italian Seasoning


Bake 400 (1 Hour)
1 – Pound chicken breast thin 1/4 inch (3-4 pieces)
2 – Mix Eggs and Milk
3 – Cut cheese into 1/2 inch blocks
4 – Soak chicken in egg mix
5 – Cover wet chicken in bread crumbs.
6 – Put chicken in the middle and roll place in baking pan
7 – After all the chicken is rolled and breaded sprinkle spices
8 – Cut butter into slices and spread throughout pan
9 – carefully add wine to sides of pan not to rinse bread crumbs off chicken.
10 – cover with foil
11 – Bake 1 Hour @ 400 Degrees


Serve with cream spinach and white rice.