Chicken Soup AKA Jewish Penicillin

Homemade chicken soup is surprisingly easy to make. This recipe is from my wife’s family.  Her mom taught me who learned it from her grandmother.


Units Scale

1 Yellow Onion

12 cups Water

4 Tablespoons Chicken Stock Powder

3 pound Whole Chicken

1/2 pound Celery

1/2 pound Carrots

1 Bunch Parsley

1 Bunch Dill

2 Tablespoons Black Peper


1 – Heat 12 cups of water to boil, add chicken stock powder

2 – Add diced onions

3 – Add clean whole chicken

4 – Bring to boil and let cook on low to medium heat for 20 minutes

5 – Add vegetables and fresh herbs.

6 – Cook on low for 2 hours

7 – Remove the chicken and strip the meat off the bird

8 – Cook one more hour.


Be sure to wash the bird. Make sure not to leave the giblets in the bird. The key to making this recipe is using fresh herbs. Do not use dried parsley or dried dill.

The soup always tastes better the next day, so you might want to make this one day prior. I also freeze most of it to have on hand when ever someone gets sick. This is one of the few things I love to freeze.