Cocktail Meatballs Recipe Grape Jelly

cocktail meatballs in a red bowl with a green umbrella

A classic party appetizer made of meatballs that are sweet.


Units Scale
  1. 52 ounces of Meatballs
  2. 1 Jar Grape Jelly (30 ounces)
  3. 2 Jars of Cocktail Sauce
  4. 4 Large Garlic Cloves


  1. Slice garlic
  2. Pour everything into a crock pot and stir
  3. Cook on Low for 4 Hours
  4. Stir every 30 minutes to an hour.


My wife might add some garlic powder and onion powder. I don’t, and it always comes out amazing. Don’t forget toothpicks if this is being served as an hors d’oeuvre at a party.

My favorite place to buy meatballs is from Costco.